Canada extending restrictions on non-essential global travel until July 21

Canada extending restrictions on non-essential global travel until July 21

For now, most foreign travellers will be kept out of Canada - the government extended the Canada-U.S. border closure Friday until July 21 at the earliest - because not enough people here are fully vaccinated, Trudeau said.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair tweeted on Friday that the move to extend the US-Canada border restriction until July 21 was made in coordination with the US officials.

'The government is planning measures for fully vaccinated Canadians, Permanent Residents, and others who are now permitted to enter Canada and will provide further details on Monday, June 21, ' he tweeted.

In March 2020, all non-essential travel was closed between the Canada-US border.

"The sooner the largest possible number of people get double vaccinated, the sooner we're going to be able to get back to more and more normality".

"Canada is getting millions more Moderna doses brought forward from our summer shipment schedule into June, and we're locking in shipments for the first half of July..."

"Even a fully vaccinated individual can pass on COVID-19 to someone who is not vaccinated and that means we have to really make sure that not only people who are fully vaccinated can travel, but that the communities to which they will return are not at risk".

Travel restrictions at the Canada-U.S.

"We're still seeing cases across the country and we want to get them down".

Trudeau said he spoke with Canadian premiers on Thursday night and said the focus is on doing it the right way and not spurring on a fourth COVID-19 wave.

Ontario usually gets just shy of 40% of all the vaccines that is shipped into Canada and the Peel Region (Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon) gets around 10% of that share.

"What is now being considered as the first step in this approach is to allow fully vaccinated individuals now permitted to enter Canada to do so without the requirement to stay in government-authorized accommodations", Hajdu said.

"We are working on two tracks in terms of proof of vaccination for Canadians who wish to travel", Trudeau said. He noted how France now allows Canadians and Americans to visit, which makes it easier to travel overseas than within this country and to our closest neighbour.

It says the first step will be to allow people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - and who are permitted to enter the country - to forego mandatory hotel quarantine.

"We've been quite supportive of the government coming up with a policy and a mechanism on how it's going to capture that data".

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