Gov. DeSantis signs bill barring transgender females from women’s sports

Gov. DeSantis signs bill barring transgender females from women’s sports

Florida on Tuesday became the latest and largest USA state to ban transgender girls and women from participating in female sports at schools, part of a campaign in statehouses nationwide this year assailed as discriminatory by equal rights activists.

The law, rushed through the state legislature as an attachment to a charter school bill, passed over the objection of Democrats and civil rights advocates who call bans on transgender girls and women in female sports unnecessary and discriminatory and accuse Republicans of portraying them as a provocation to energize the right wing of their party. It says that athletic teams or sports that are designated for females are open to females, and we're going to go based off biology, not based off ideology, when we're doing sports.

Soule went on to talk about the two female-identifying but biologically male students that were allowed to run in female divisions beginning in 2017.

"These sports bans are as unfair and unnecessary as they are unsafe".

In April, the NCAA Board of Governors warned that the NCAA will only allow colleges to host championships in "locations where hosts can commit to providing an environment that is safe, healthy and free of discrimination".

High-profile athletic events, such as football bowl games and basketball tournaments, generate millions of dollars for local communities. It is slated to go into effect on July 1. Transgender kids are kids; transgender girls are girls. At Tuesday's event, Republicans enlisted the help of a student-athlete from CT in trying to make the case for what's dubbed the "Fairness In Women's Sports Act".

Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed the anti-trans sports bill into law. Kelli Stargel (R) said, defending the measure, explaining it comes down to fairness and the fundamental physical advantages and physiological differences that biological males have compared to females."This is not about that". The law would not bar female athletes from playing on boys or men's teams.

"Governor DeSantis and Florida lawmakers are legislating based on a false, discriminatory premise that puts the safety and well-being of transgender children on the line", the organization's president, Alphonso David, said in a statement.

DeSantis, a major supporter of sports by nearly any metric, vowed to "stand up to groups like the NCAA who think they can dictate" how Florida runs its athletic events. Shevrin Jones. "At the end of the day, transgender kids are just kids".

The Florida legislation appeared dead at one point during the session but was revived in a last-minute procedural maneuver as an amendment to an unrelated bill. It was the transgender athletes provision that was front and center in Tuesday's rhetoric.

DeSantis said that women's sports "provides our young girls with opportunities that really teach them lessons that last a lifetime", adding that competing in sports has provided many girls the opportunity to pursue higher education.

"This is nothing about anybody being discriminated against", she said.

The law is likely to face a court challenge.

DeSantis's political opponents blasted the governor for signing the bill. Those losses were averted when a 2019 settlement kept the state from barring transgender people from using bathrooms that conformed to their gender identity.

"I can tell you this, in Florida, girls are going to play girls' sports and boys are going to play boys' sports", DeSantis said at a news conference shortly after he signed the bill. "We will stand up to groups like the NCAA who think that they should be able to dictate policies in different states. Not here, not ever". DeSantis invited Selina Soule, who was a CT high school track runner who lost the opportunity to run in the New England Regional Championship because of biological males running in her division.

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