Joe Manchin joins Democrats in supporting voting bill

Joe Manchin joins Democrats in supporting voting bill

"Senate Republicans are still expected to block the "For People Act", a top priority for Democrats and the left", from being debated.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell called the voting rights bill a bid to orchestrate a "federal takeover of elections" and one of the "biggest power grabs in USA history".

Senators voted 50-50 in the equally divided upper chamber on advancing the "For the People Act", a sweeping bill that would change USA voting laws.

The vote was a major one for Sens. But the Constitution expressly allows Congress to override state decisions about the "times, places and manner" of congressional elections. More than three dozen Republicans in the House and seven Senate Republicans said they wanted to avoid a partisan probe, and they supported the legislation to form a commission, which would have been modeled after a similar panel that investigated the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

But Obama also took a moment to acknowledge the bill is not ideal.

Manchin has proposed adding provisions for a national voter identification requirement, which many Democrats opposed.

"I'll be honest, the bill doesn't have everything I'd like to see in a voting rights bill".

Earlier on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Democrats were aiming to "tilt every election in America permanently in their favor". "All Republicans, I think, will oppose that as well if that were to be surfaced on the floor".

"Unfortunately, my Republican colleagues refused to allow debate of this legislation despite the reasonable changes made to focus the bill on the core issues facing our democracy", he said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is signaling that she is poised to create a new committee to investigate the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, pushing closer to a partisan investigation of the attack after Senate Republicans blocked the creation of an independent probe.

"Just two weeks ago, there were questions about whether Democrats would be aligned".

Later Tuesday, Senate Democrats are expected try to pass a voting-rights overhaul that President Joe Biden has identified as critical to his agenda. "It's important to remember that this has been a 60-year battle to make voting more accessible, more available to Americans across the country, and our effort, the president's effort, to continue that fight doesn't stop tomorrow at all".

She said in addition to federal legislative efforts, there's "work to do" with voting groups and to "empower and engage [state] legislatures" and noted that Vice President Harris will be in charge of this effort moving forward.

Psaki said if the Tuesday vote is unsuccessful, "we suspect it will prompt a new conversation about the path forward".

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