Re-opening Canadian border plan expected in next few days

Re-opening Canadian border plan expected in next few days

But he is warning that the relaxed rules won't necessarily go into effect immediately.

The government has been deciding on a monthly basis whether to renew the restrictions, with the current orders-in-council due to expire Monday.

"There may have to be a transitional measure, for example if there's a phased adjustment for borders in July or maybe August".

Canada took that title only recently, passing Israel in early June.

Currently, all non-essential travel into Canada is prohibited, with limited exceptions.

Travellers arriving by air can land at only four designated airports in Canada and must quarantine, at least initially and at their own expense, in a designated hotel.

LeBlanc says Canadians can expect information within days on how the federal government intends to re-open the Canadian border to worldwide travel. Canadian businesses, especially airlines and those that depend on tourism, have been lobbying the Liberal government to relax the restrictions.

LeBlanc says the government may provide Canadians who want to travel soon an interim document to verify vaccinations. Canada's population is about 38 million people, and more than 29 million doses have been administered, Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said. "We have a narrow window of opportunity to get ahead of this virus".

The United States has more vaccinations than Canada.

Canada is set to reach part of the first target - 75 per cent of eligible people having their first dose - sometime in the next 24 hours, and 20 per cent with both doses likely by Sunday.

"One would expect the borders are not going to be the same as what they were before the pandemic and additional measures will be applied for a significant length of time until the world is a different place", she said.

USA and Canadian officials are set to meet Tuesday to discuss how to eventually lift pandemic-related border restrictions between the two countries, but no immediate action is expected, sources briefed on the matter told Reuters on Monday.

"The idea would be to find the best, common secure platform for Canadians who want to have proof of vaccination in the context of worldwide travel", he said.

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