Roadside bomb kills 11 people in northern Afghanistan

Roadside bomb kills 11 people in northern Afghanistan

The 11 passengers were travelling to the city of Qala-e-Naw when they were killed, he said. The group, which has portrayed Afghans who cooperated with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troop presence as traitors and infidels, said that these former USA partners had nothing to fear.

The Taliban said on Saturday that they have "captured the district of Deh Yak" in the province of Ghazni, about 150 kilometres south of Kabul.

The Taliban have a long track record of threatening and killing Afghans who worked for the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies or with Western-backed organizations.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Sunday met with the visiting US inter-ministerial delegation, led by Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, the president's office said. "They are tracking us", Omid Mahmoodi, an interpreter who worked with United States forces between 2018 and 2020, said last week.

"That means these people will have a bull's-eye and a target on their back from the moment we leave the country", McCaul said. If I stay in the country, there is no chance of survival for me.

"I regret working for the US".

On the same day, Taliban fighters stormed the Qaisar district of northern Faryab province, killing and wounding dozens of Afghan security forces, a police official said. Even the Central Intelligence Agency acknowledged it was the Taliban who had killed my brother.

AFP noted in May that a "backlog of about 19,000 applications from Afghanistan" had developed by the end of 2019, which is larger than the number of visas issued to Afghans during the preceding two decades of conflict.

On May 1, the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation began withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan. The US, Britain and some other countries said they had accelerated relocation of these interpreters and other Afghan employees who worked with them, but the process has dragged on for years. Up to 18,000 Afghan staffers, plus their families, could be affected by the evacuation plan.

The latest attack targeting passenger vehicles occurred on Saturday evening in the western province of Badghis, raising fears of fresh violence in the months ahead as the U.S. military continues to pull out its last remaining troops from the country.

But Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the ranking GOP member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said there was not enough time to process visa applications before USA troops depart between now and September 11.

Mohammad Amiri said that more US facilities and equipment, including aircraft to strengthen the Afghan air force, will be among the main topics of bilateral talks in coming days.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said last Thursday the US has "a special commitment and a special responsibility to these courageous Afghans".

The Taliban's statement came as US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and other senior USA officials visited the region and held talks with Taliban representatives and Afghan government leaders. They pointed out that the Afghan government dismissed some of them for false or minor charges of misbehavior, making them potentially ineligible for American or European expedited visa programs.

"The situation is deteriorating now as foreign forces leave. They know our faces", one former North Atlantic Treaty Organisation translator said.

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