Trump Reportedly Claiming He Will Be 'Reinstated' as US President 'by August'

Trump Reportedly Claiming He Will Be 'Reinstated' as US President 'by August'

Lou Gehrig's "luckiest man" speech still resonates today On July 4 1939, Lou Gehrig, the New York Yankees' regular first baseman, said his farewell to baseball.

Flynn responded to a crowd question about why a Myanmar style insurrection could not happen here and he respodned he thought it should. 'I mean, it should happen - that's right'.

The reaction to the exchange was furious, with some calling for a court martial.

Flynn, however, quickly denied allegations that he supports a coup in the United States, writing on Telegram that he "does not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort".

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, a former state counselor to President Donald Trump, withdrew his comments over the weekend in support of the idea of a military coup d'etat like Myanmar in the United States.

On Monday, Army Colonel Evgeny'Eugene'Windman tweeted, "These incendiary remarks could have crossed the line between the summons to active duty and the court martial".

Vindman, who's part of the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, the legal arm of the Army that comprises serving officers, added, "As a JAG I'm qualified and also happy to prosecute this case".

Vindman is the twin brother of Alexander Vindman, who was a key witness in Trump's impeachment over comments he made to the Ukrainian President.

The two attended the National Security Council and were dismissed shortly after the trial.

"The constitutionality of retirement jurisdiction over retirement crimes is what we are now challenging in the military Court of Appeals and the DC Circuit Court", he tweeted.

Federal law professor Steve Vladeck said Flynn did not comply with the Army's military justice, despite his retirement.

In February, the Myanmar military overthrew the nation's democratically elected government and arrested its leaders.

Video of the interaction circulated across social media immediately following Flynn's remarks Sunday. Can we get a court-martial? Call him back to duty and then dishonorably discharge him. "My taxpayer dollars shouldn't be paying for any of his benefits".

'Wow. It don't get much more traitory than this, ' added another.

"Why isn't Michael Flynn behind the prison to foster a rebellious rebellion against the United States?" Surely treasonous words are not covered by Trump's pardon, ' asked Muriel Burrows.

Yevgeny Vindman offered to court-martial Michael Flynn over his apparent call for a military coup. This must be done ASAP.' tweeted Jeannette Stone.

"Except for this weekend when you did it on video", Kimmel said to "General Lies-enhower", as he called him, "and the times when you did it leading up to January 6".

'Michael Flynn is clearly an enemy of the USA.

'Minimar? sounds like dude has been spending too much time at the minibar, ' joked one Twitter user who noticed Flynn's mispronunciation.

Returning to the Republican coup that is already underway ...

They said: Hello @SecDef.

Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as people try to storm the US Capitol in Washington D.C.

Trump's original National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said that a coup "should happen" - but has since backtracked his sentiments.

"FBI, arrest this guy". He is asking Americans to turn against their government!', demanded another Twitter follower. The video quickly went viral and prompted a backlash from many, with some observers pointing at reports suggesting that QAnon believers back the idea of a coup similar to Myanmar's taking place in the U.S. and placing Trump back in the White House.

"I'm thinking this is a wake up call that not all military coups are bad", read one post.

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