by | January 09, 2019 | 02:27

Her proposal is aimed at restricting the Government's freedom to use the Bill to make tax changes linked to a no-deal Brexit without the "explicit consent" of Parliament . Critics of May's deal to smooth Britain's passage out of the European Union on 29 March say the backstop could leave Britain subject to European Union rules indefinitely, long after it gives up any say over them.

by | January 06, 2019 | 16:59

The Quadrantid shower lasts for weeks, but it has a very narrow peak of a few hours with maximum activity. History: The meteor shower is named after the constellation Quadrans Muralis, which was first observed in 1795, CNN reports . Depending on light pollution you could see as many as 100 shooting stars per hour, meaning darker areas of the north-east could be your best bet - just make sure to wrap up warm.

by | January 04, 2019 | 06:49

Beijing time . A few hours after the landing, the craft sent back its first close shot of the far side of the lunar surface via the relay communication satellite Queqiao, according to the state-run China Global Television Network . The Chang'e-4 lunar lander sits on the far side of the moon . China's lunar lander is loaded with a variety of cameras and sensors, including ground-penetrating radar to peer beneath the lunar surface, reported NPR's Joe Palca while the probe was en ...

by | December 27, 2018 | 02:02

Suga said, leaving the IWC means Japanese whalers will be able to resume hunting in Japanese coastal waters of minke and other whales now protected by the IWC. Japan has claimed stocks have recovered enough to resume commercial hunting. Australia's foreign minister, Marise Payne, and its environment minister, Melissa Price, said in a joint statement: "Australia remains resolutely opposed to all forms..." "As there may be worldwide criticism, I expect (the government) to try to gain the ...

by | December 24, 2018 | 02:57

Apart from Japan, countries such as Iceland continue to hunt whales for their markets and for such commercial requirement over 1000 whales a year are being killed. Under global law, Japan will be banned from whaling in the Antarctic Sea if it does not belong to the worldwide body. It remains unclear whether Japan can meet this condition by simply cooperating with the IWC's Scientific Committee only.

by | December 19, 2018 | 01:28

Mr. Guterres, who has made addressing the impacts of climate change one of the top priorities of his term as UN Secretary-General, came three times to Katowice in the past two weeks to support the negotiations but, given the repeated delays, was forced to leave before the closing plenary, due to prior engagements.

by | December 15, 2018 | 00:25

This year, the phenomenon started on December 4 but the peak is expected on Thursday and Friday. Nature's best show of the year will be visible for all to see tonight, as the Geminid meteor shower puts on its spectacular annual display.

by | December 12, 2018 | 14:20

Measurements made over the past four months by the spacecraft's two onboard spectrometers revealed the presence of molecules containing hydroxyls - bonded-together oxygen and hydrogen atoms - on Bennu, Lauretta and fellow team members announced today.

by | December 10, 2018 | 01:40

But the tall portion of the rocket missed its goal of securing an upright landing on solid ground at Cape Canaveral s Landing Zone 1. 'Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled, so Falcon landed just out to sea, ' Musk wrote on Twitter . Meanwhile, an attempt to recover the booster's first stage ended in failure when the booster appeared to spin out of control during its final descent, settling to an off-target "landing" in the Atlantic Ocean just east of the launch site.

by | December 09, 2018 | 03:25

According to Trusel, the current thought in the scientific community is that there is a temperature threshold that could trigger a point of no return for the eventual melting of Greenland and Antarctica's ice sheets. Greenland experiences seasonal melt during the warm summer days, and at low elevations, the melting is more intense. The scientists used ice core samples to look back into the history of melting on the ice sheet.

by | December 06, 2018 | 03:36

Climate Action Minister Richard Bruton, who is in Poland for the talks, said he fully endorsed UN Secretary-General António Guterres's comments about the need to take action. To ease some of those worries, the World Bank on Monday announced $200 billion (175 billion euros) in climate action investment for 2021-25 - a major shot in the arm for green initiatives but one which needs bolstering by state-provided funding.

by | December 01, 2018 | 02:12

Researchers think the Siberian rhino was one of the last extinct species to disappear. Scientists have thought that the giant rhino went extinct long before the last Ice Age - the megafauna extinction which was the end of other fantastic beasts including the wooly mammoth and sabre-toothed cat.

by | November 30, 2018 | 00:51

Although NASA's Curiosity rover only had a two-year mission when it landed on Mars in 2012, the robot has since traveled about 12 miles around Gale Crater, and is still conducting science. France's CNES made the SEIS instrument, while the German Aerospace Center (DLR) provided a self-hammering mole that can burrow five metres into the surface - farther than any instrument before - to measure heat flow.

by | November 28, 2018 | 03:45

The embryos were then implanted into the mother who gave birth to Lulu and Nana earlier this month. "The project completely ignored the principles of biomedical ethics, conducting experiments on humans without proving it's safe", said Qiu Zilong, a neuroscience researcher with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学) in Shanghai who wrote the letter.

by | November 28, 2018 | 03:28

And some argue that the decision to release the report on Black Friday-earlier than its planned December publication-reflects a bias against the science . Those "tiny rays of hope" are Democrats who will be in the majority party in the House in January, including Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who backs the Green New Deal to put climate change as the top legislative priority.

by | November 27, 2018 | 00:34

The fifth installment would be due during President Trump's second term if he's re-elected. The report saw contributions from 300 leading scientists and 13 federal agencies. Days after it went out, reporters were still writing news stories and Republican lawmakers were pressed to respond to its findings on Sunday news shows - including on Fox News.

by | November 22, 2018 | 01:27

Samples also will be taken to return to Earth. " Getting samples from this unique area will revolutionise how we think about Mars and its ability to harbour life ", added Mr Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the agency's science mission directorate.

by | November 12, 2018 | 02:39

The sale was named " On the Shoulders of Giants " - a reference to the famous phrase once used by Newton of his own achievements: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". Other items sold by auction house Christies include his dissertation, which fetched over half a million pounds, and his bomber jacket that went for £40,000.

by | November 09, 2018 | 02:14

Assembly is expected to be completed around 2022 and the station would have a lifespan of around 10 years. The Tiangong, meaning " Heavenly Palace " in English, could reportedly replace the International Space Station in 2024. The company SpaceX Elon musk will orbit the satellite, which is seen from Earth is its only objective. The station chinese space (CSS), also called Tiangong (" heavenly Palace ") will consist of three parts: a main module along almost 17 metres (place of life and ...

by | November 08, 2018 | 02:46

Doctors have said the impact of air pollution on public health can be compared to smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day. The System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), weather forecasting body under Ministry of Earth Science, said the moisture in the air on Wednesday was normal, thus reducing the air holding capacity.

by | November 07, 2018 | 03:02

These data will enable new scientific discoveries for years to come. After its four-year primary mission , the spacecraft was repurposed to observe the stars near the zodiacal constellations. Kepler is succeeded by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite ( Tess ), which Nasa launched in April. When the telescope was launched, it carried 12 liters of fuel for its engine, which was used to correct its drifts and control its orbit.

by | November 03, 2018 | 06:52

New statistics released Wednesday by the state Division of Elections show registered Republicans still have the edge, casting 1.43 million ballots compared to almost 1.37 million by registered Democrats. Over 3 million people have already voted by mail and returned their ballots, or voted early. In Illinois, voters are deciding all statewide offices including governor, as well as several competitive congressional and other races.

by | November 02, 2018 | 02:25

In the final flyby in 2015, Parker Solar Probe will cruise at the closest 3.83 million miles from the sun's surface. It will continue to break its own record over the next seven years, carrying out 24 close approaches, reaching within 3.83 million miles from the sun by 2024.

by | October 28, 2018 | 02:28

Large tabular icebergs located between Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf and the A-68 ice island, which calved off of the Larsen C a year ago, as seen on a NASA Operation IceBridge mission on October 16, 2018. The new image also shows one corner of Tabular A poking above an engine of Harbeck's plane, as well as the enormous tabular berg known as A68 off in the distance.

by | October 26, 2018 | 01:45

The White House has said it will release plans for the Space Force early next year. Pence promised that the new troops will be established no later than 2020. The vice president said steps are being taken to establish the United States Space Force as the sixth branch of the military that is "separate from and equal to the five other branches".

by | October 21, 2018 | 10:11

It's also worth noting that the forecasters base their predictions on probability and don't say how much precipitation the US will get or how hot temperatures will be. It also said that wetter-than-average conditions are likely across the southern part of the US, and up into the Mid-Atlantic. Last winter ranked among the warmest third in historical records, 1.8 degrees above normal averaged over the nation.

by | October 17, 2018 | 18:51

Bay County includes Mexico Beach, the ground-zero town of 1,000 people that was almost obliterated, as well as Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City and Lynn Haven, all of which were heavily damaged. "Due to these outages, families are having a hard time communicating with loved ones, first responders have faced challenges communicating and people are having difficulty getting their prescriptions filled because of the inability to connect to a network", his office said .

by | October 14, 2018 | 03:21

A local sheriff's deputy saved a 17-year-old man using a human chain with law enforcement officers, local residents and rope, officials said, but a man and a woman - who police said are related to the teenager - were swept away. The National Guard is in addition to almost 2,000 law-enforcement officials that have also been brought into the Panhandle. Six people are dead in the storm's path, and authorities fear the toll could climb higher as search-and-rescue efforts continue.

by | October 12, 2018 | 02:08

Reaching the worst-hit areas wasn't easy. "Today is the day". In South Carolina, emergency management officials were continuing to monitor to the storm in anticipation of "heavy rain, gusty winds, possible tornadoes " and other hazards.

by | October 12, 2018 | 01:47

Damage in Panama City near where Michael came ashore Wednesday afternoon was so extensive that broken and uprooted trees and downed power lines lay almost everywhere. "A very risky one". Linda Albrecht, a councilwoman in Mexico Beach, spoke to the network about leaving her home with only a few essential objects.

by | October 12, 2018 | 02:42

A search-and-rescue team reached the site quickly to get to the Soyuz MS-10 crew, leaving at 6:10 am EDT, according to NASA spokesperson Brandi Dean's commentary on live television . NASA and Roscosmos will now need to make an unprecedented decision which could lead to abandoning the International Space Station; the first time it would be left unmanned since the Expedition 1 mission arrived in November 2000.

by | October 11, 2018 | 01:38

Michael is no longer a tropical storm . "You can not hide from storm surge, so get out if an evacuation is ordered". "That's the criticality of following directions". Tropical storm warnings cover 8.5 million people in several states. The storm moves north toward the Gulf Coast and is expected to be a major hurricane.

by | October 10, 2018 | 01:16

East Coast as disaster mobilizations expanded south from the Carolinas into Georgia to counter the deadly threat of high seas and floods. Updated NHC forecasts showed the storm lingering near the coast, bringing days of heavy rains that could bring intense inland flooding from SC to Virginia.

by | October 01, 2018 | 03:47

Hurricane Rosa weakened slightly but was still a major hurricane Friday as as it churned toward the Mexican coast, the National Hurricane Center said. In the south, surf generated by the cyclone off Mexico is expected to build overnight, followed by rain on Monday as Rosa's moisture expands northward from Baja California.

by | September 28, 2018 | 17:07

In NASA's image, the vehicle appears as a tiny white dot. "Aside from the rover (only in the new image), the color and albedo patterns are very similar, so an optically thick layer of dust has not been deposited over the region", the agency said.